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Our social enterprises make Rhode Island a better community. 

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Building the Friendship Café

Where others see problems, Amos House sees opportunities—for individuals, for families, for our neighborhoods. The best measure of success in the Amos House model is not how much profit we make, but the degree to which we create social value.

Education, job training and development within our social enterprises provide every individual with a chance to be a better employee, family member, community advocate, role model. Amos House is constantly exploring innovative ways for our businesses to provide opportunity to students and value to our customers. We are among cutting edge reformers and revolutionaries—we strive for ways to create lasting improvements.

Amos House WORKS

Working on Change

Our social enterprises are businesses that build success and opportunity for change.

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Businesses that
Build Success, Opportunity, Hope and Change.
Amos House Works.

We build social enterprises that thrive and serve vast numbers of homeless, unemployed struggling Rhode Islanders. Financial returns are recycled into further social enterprise investments at Amos House, meaning your dollars keep giving.

Entrepreneurial approaches to solve the problems of poverty and unemployment in Rhode Island. Amos House does it. Help us.

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