James' Story

James is a fixture in social services and in the dining hall at Amos House these days.

Once a person who stood on line for a hot meal on the coldest of days, running from himself and chasing his addiction, James is now an inspiration to all who come to Friendship Street seeking a sense of community, a spark of hope. James has turned his life around here at Amos House. "This is the best I've ever done in my life--my time here at Amos House. I have my family in my life. I have my integrity and my self respect. And I get to help other people see the possibility of changing. If I can do it, you can too."

James is a good father, uncle, brother, friend. You will see him answering phones in social services, helping people connect to the case worker who can help them with their prescription assistance, encouraging them to start their own recovery by getting on the intake list for our programs. You will see him sorting and handing out warm winter coats to the homeless and poor. You might find him shoveling snow off our sidewalks, or serving hot coffee to the 750 people at breakfast and lunch. James recently accomplished his greatest goal to date: he became a house manager in the Men’s 90-Day Program, the same program where he began his journey 14 months ago.

He is here, present, and proud of the person he is today. He is a member of this community in every sense of the word. "I have more work to do. There is always more work to do." Change. Dignity. Hope. Community. Courage. Opportunity. Find them all, and James, at 415 Friendship Street. We will be here.