Jessica's Story

In February 2011, Amos House launched the Financial Opportunity Center (FOC), becoming one of five centers in Rhode Island, and 47 sites nationally, supported by funding from The Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) and the Social Innovation Fund (SIF).

Through a bundling of services that include financial coaching, employment assistance, and referrals for benefits, men and women can take care of their immediate needs, get back on their feet and ultimately begin to save for the future. We have helped individuals to see the possibility of moving out of a place of constant financial strain and worry to a place of opportunity--where debt can be cleared, a manageable budget can be established, and goals can be met.

Jessica is one of the courageous Amos House residents who has taken advantage of these financial services, and successfully moved into independent housing after learning more about how to manage her income and debts.

Since its inception, Amos House has served 250 individuals through the FOC. To date, 80 individuals have obtained jobs and 47 have completed vocational training programs to increase their skills and improve their employability. 120 individuals completed a financial assessment, which includes creating a budget, pulling a credit report, creating a balance sheet, and setting financial goals. In less than two years 45 individuals have had an increase in net income, 38 show an increase in net worth, and 12 individuals have improved their credit scores.

The Amos House Financial Opportunity Center is helping to build financially sound individuals, families, and communities, one person at a time. Find out more.