Michael's Story

When "Michael" first came to Amos House he was homeless, broke, and struggling to stay clean from drugs and alcohol.

He had been on the street for the past year and in and out of prison for the past 3 years. Court fines and outstanding warrants prevented him from finding employment even though he had once owned his own construction business. Today, Michael has 18 months of sobriety. He has paid off all of his fines and he is back in business and employing other men like him who came through the Amos House Financial Opportunity Center.

In February 2011, Amos House launched the Financial Opportunity Center (FOC), becoming one of five centers in Rhode Island, and 47 sites nationally, supported by funding from The Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) and the Social Innovation Fund (SIF).

Michael is an example of the work our FOC Program has accomplished. Through a bundling of services that include financial coaching, employment assistance, and referrals for services, men and women can take care of their immediate needs, get back on their feet and ultimately begin to save for the future.

Since its inception, Amos House has served 250 individuals through the FOC. To date, 80 individuals have obtained jobs and 47 have completed vocational training programs to increase their skills and improve their employability. 120 individuals completed a financial assessment, which includes creating a budget, pulling a credit report, creating a balance sheet, and setting financial goals. In less than two years 45 individuals have had an increase in net income, 38 show an increase in net worth, and 12 individuals have improved their credit scores.

With the help of FOC, today Michael has a piece of the American Dream. He owns a construction business and he is on the road to owning his own home. His life--both financial and personal--is back on track and he is saving for the future.