Vaughn's Story

Vaughn came to Amos House after many attempts to pull his life together without a strong community supporting him.

His mother had died when he was a small child, he bounced from relative to relative, and struck out on his own as a young teenager. After years of mistakes, he found himself here. What quickly became apparent was his skill as a web designer and musician. Through our job training program, our employment resource work and our collaboration with other agencies such as ORS, Vaughn went to a specialized training program for video editing and web design and is now working full-time, living independently in his own apartment, recording his music, and is present daily in the lives of his children and grandchildren. In addition, Vaughn is giving back, volunteering time at Amos House whenever needed; providing free fitness classes; lending his video and photography skills; and referring others to Amos House who are looking for a fresh start, a new opportunity for change.