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Making strides

In 2011 Amos House launched the Financial Opportunity Center, probably one of the smartest programs we ever started. This program helps our clients take steps toward the “American Dream”, that is, increasing family income and wealth along with saving for retirement.

The idea is that when people receive a “bundle” of services including employment assistance, financial coaching, and assistance with accessing income supports such as child care and medical assistance, they can begin to create a plan that will move them out of poverty and into financial stability. Far too often people struggling with poverty and unemployment cannot break the cycle and get ahead. This program helps individuals change the direction of their lives and plan for the future.

To date, close to 200 men and women have received these services; over 100 people have found employment; and 50 clients have improved their credit scores and increased their net worth. With this additional program we are offering our clients a clear path out of poverty for them and their families.

Now is a Great Time for Big Ideas

Dignity is vital to the human spirit. Knowledge is power. And Money does matter. Create some dignity today. Help us to teach our guests about financial security. Just start giving today.  Don’t wait for the perfect time. There is rarely a perfect time for anything. The time is now. Give.

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