Board and Staff

  • Eileen Hayes, President & CEO
  • John Farber, Chair
  • Susan Loney, Vice Chair
  • Robert M. Duffy, Secretary
  • Patrick Quinn, Treasurer
  • Angela Bannerman Ankoma
  • Guillaume R. Bagal
  • Lisa Ballou
  • Paul Conforti
  • Kenneth Costa
  • Michael Costa
  • James Hagerty
  • Jerome Hines
  • George Kinnear
  • Dennis Leamy, II
  • Gary Levine
  • Fla Lewis
  • Steve Lynch
  • Reverend Raymond Malm

Eileen Hayes, President & CEO

Maggie Meany, Chief Operating Officer

Karen Raus, Chief Financial Officer

Jessica Salter, Chief Philanthropy Officer

Management Team

Cendy Gonzalez, Human Resources

Jocelyn Hernandez, Mother-child Reunification

Jennifer Kodis, Workforce Solutions

Michael McCarthy, Soup Kitchen

Kali Otto-Gentry, A Hand Up
Michelle Pugh, Workforce Education

Jill van Leesten, Social Services

Vinnie Velazquez, Special Projects

Be a Part of the Solution

If you are interested in serving on the Amos House Board of Directors and becoming a part of the solution to homelessness and poverty in Rhode Island, contact us today for a tour and an interview.

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Eileen Hayes