Basic Needs

Men and women from all backgrounds come to Amos House. Some are homeless and struggling to stay alive on the streets; some are on the brink of homelessness and need basics such as food, utility or prescription assistance.

Crystal J. and Alexis

"I'm getting stronger each day. Soon, I hope, I will be strong enough to let go of my past mistakes.”

Still others are looking to change their lives by enrolling in our recovery-based programs, our training and literacy programs or for help with employment. Through all of our services, Amos House helps formerly homeless people find success, establish stable households, belong to a community, and most of all believe in themselves and their future, free from previous challenges.

Amos House is a lifeline to hundreds of people each year who come to us for assistance. Our prescription assistance program provides life-saving medications for illnesses such as Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, infections and psychiatric medications to treat mental health disorders ranging from depression to schizophrenia. These medications can be the key to keeping people from losing their homes, jobs, or their lives. Our utility assistance helps families with children keep from freezing. Last month we assisted a mom who needed help to bury her 7 year old son who had died from a rare infection. This mother came to us after she had sold her car and all of her jewelry and still did not have enough money to bury her son.

Amos House, one person at a time, one day at a time.

Basic Needs

Food, Shelter, Clothing

For those who don't have these things, there is nothing basic about the need. Amos House helps.

Help Now

Stronger Each Day


Help Ana today.

Ana is a 59-year-old mother, aunt, and friend, companion who has been coming to Amos House for years— for a hot meal, a coat, and a talk. Today, we delivered a package, containing photographs of the grandchildren she has never seen who live in Georgia. Help us reconnect this family.

A $250 donation to emergency services can pay for bus travel so Ana can hold her grandchildren for the first time.

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