Tribute to Michaella Griffin

Throughout her life, Michaella Griffin was always known as a caregiver. Whether it was in her role as program coordinator for the Medicine Pediatrics Residency or as a mother to her three children, she always went beyond the call of duty to help others to the best of her ability. She had an eye for those who were suffering, both mentally and physically, and took it upon herself to listen and to try to bring smiles to people's faces

When Michaella was diagnosed with advanced-stage cancer at the end of 2012, she made a vow to spend whatever time she had left to show her love to family and friends. She also decided to dedicate the remainder of her life to serving the community and continued to volunteer actively with Amos House—an organization she had been serving with for many years. She recognized the value of living life, and was able to do so to the fullest.

Michaella passed away on November 2, 2013 in the arms of her family. She left behind a legion of people who will always remember a woman who cared for others more than herself, even up until the very end. She truly grasped life and all the turmoil that comes with it, in a way that continues to inspire all who remember her.

It is in remembrance of Michaella Griffin that the Medicine Pediatrics Primary Care Clinic has taken up this donation to the Amos House, in the amount of over $1200. In doing so, we hope to recognize and pay tribute to her spirit of giving and to all the lives she has touched as a caregiver.

- The Medicine Pediatrics Primary Care Clinic of Rhode Island Hospital