Bobby's Story

Bobby has just come from work, and his pride is palpable.

"I work hard and I love to work hard. Without Amos House, I never would have gotten a job again; I never would have gotten my life back on track. I am so grateful."

Bobby came to Amos House in February of 2011. He describes that time in his life as, "chaotic. But truly, I wasn't ready then. I ended up slipping away from Amos House, and it didn't go well. It got ugly fast." Bobby returned to Amos House in February of 2012.

Today, Bobby says, "there is a purpose to my life. I am connected to other people and to myself spiritually. This time, I'm not worried about material things; I am concentrating on the people I love and doing the right thing."

He successfully completed our Men's 90-day program and emerged as a leader among his housemates. Bobby now works both on his own and with Amos House Builds, doing exterior and interior painting, building fences, barns, landscaping. He is utilizing our Financial Opportunity Center services to maintain a working budget and set new savings goals. Whenever possible, he lends a hand and shares his knowledge with a new trainee, "because everyone can always learn. I know I do, and I want to pass that along and help the next person like everyone here has helped me. I got a second chance at Amos House that I didn't think I would get anywhere, ever."

Bobby has formed new, strong relationships in recovery, and has chosen to move into Amos House supportive housing, because he appreciates the sense of family and community here. "We look out for one another and we take care of each other. I came home to Amos House, my family, and that was it. I'm home."