Crystal's Story

Amos House exists to serve the most disenfranchised individuals and families in Rhode Island.

We are the organization in the state that helps individuals meet their basic needs and improve their chances of getting the education, training, and assistance necessary to lift them out of extreme poverty.

Our day programs, which help homeless individuals start this journey, are at capacity and have been for months. This program is the entry point at Amos House, where people can begin to put their lives back together. From this starting point, real change begins to happen. Crystal, for instance, came to us, six months pregnant, homeless and just out of the hospital. She came into the women's program broken. "That day, as I sat on those front stairs at Amos House, I had no hope. That is the biggest difference in my life today--I know that I have hope. My life is filled with the promise of great things." People served in any way at Amos House find this to be their community. Time and again, they explain how this is their home and that, for the first time, they belong and are treated with dignity and respect. Amos House is and will remain their family, long after they find their successes and move on. Crystal now lives in one of our family apartments with her young daughter, is clean and sober, and is a mentor to other women coming into our programs and searching for a sense of belonging.